1969 Camaro 30 Years Down Under!

Follow the restoration process along with us...

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration

What it is, and how it works!

Our "Double Header" is creation of the Chevrolet Show & Display Department.   Eight of the very first 69 Camaro bodies produced by Fisher  were identically modified for promotional use, seen at the Detroit Auto Show and countless media, dealership and show events, to promote the then new Camaro body style and innovations.  More

Arrival at Rick's...

Arriving at our receiving docks September 20, 2002 after its trans-pacific container shipment from Australia.  More

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration

The Restoration Begins...

The engine and subframe assembly are first to be restored. Remaining pieces will remain on display in our showroom. More

Time to get back to work.....
1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration   We start on the body...

Updated 2/6/2006

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration It's tough keeping up with the dust! This nifty car bubble keeps all the debris out of the intricate cracks and crevices of our cutaway SS-350 engine while still allowing the pleasure of viewing. Large enough to hold the entire Camaro, it may prove the best display option for the body also as it won't even have doors when completed. Updated 8/30/2006

1969 Camaro 'Double Header' Restoration

Shane Richards, the Australian and one heckuva nice guy who found our Double-Header Camaro languishing  in a junkyard down under, stopped by for a visit in our Athens showroom while on holiday here in the USA recently. Shane checked out the progress of our restoration and gave it his seal of approval! Shane is the owner of Camaro Classics in Canberra, Australia.

 Anything you can help us out with?
Obviously, we still need a few pieces and a lot of education!  Anyone with information, other cars or display parts, drawings, literature, old photos of the car in its prime......whatever.....please give Rick or Greg a call @ 800-441-3866

       Thanks once again to all of you for continuing to support Chevrolet's greatest series of cars...
the First Generation Camaro!